We’re in the late 90’s and strains of techno and acid music waft everywhere in clubs and rave parties all over Belgium.
This is at this moment that M.E.R.S gets into electronic music. Quickly, his eardrums and his brain are blown up by labels as Warp, Deathchant, Planet-µ or Ninja Tune.

Beats, breaks, snares, tunes, bass,… Being an onlooker is not enough for him anymore! He wants to get involved en back in 2000 M.E.R.S put his first plate down on a technics mk2. It only takes three years to make him realize and accept the idea that he has to keep going on making music, experimenting, creating and producing things. Ableton quickly becomes his weapon and tracks follow on from each other… hardcore, breakcore, IDM, Drum and bass, … In his universe, M.E.R.S’ own imagination is his only limit.