19th & 20th October


Installation consisting of a series of color charts presented to the public by means of a projection on a Plexiglas plate floating in space. Designed to work when a viewer is placed exclusively in front of it. The color swatches shown are created from VHS family snippets and old reminiscences of the artist.

Student in 2nd Master of the School of Arts of the City of Liège, section Videography option Digital Arts, Sylvain Lange is an artist particularly interested in the relationship to reality, especially through the phenomenon of color and memories. His influences are Quentin Dupieux’s movies, the work of Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński and visual artist Tauba Auerbach.”


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Etudiant en 2eme Master de l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts de la ville de Liège section Vidéographie option Arts Numériques, Sylvain Lange est un artiste qui s’intéresse au rapport à la réalité, notamment au travers du phénomène de la couleur et aux souvenirs en général. Ses influences sont le cinéma de Quentin Dupieux, le travail du peintre polonais Zdzisław Beksiński et dela placticienne Tauba Auerbach.