Friday 19th October

Beastly Tears

Ofer Smilansky’s show is a sound and light performance made for stage. Using a very simple setup combining light beam projection, customised LED lights and haze, Ofer creates an intense emotive experience. A dense journey with low throbbing kicks and screaming melodies, a synesthesia of light and sound. A completely live performance, this show conveys a dynamic and expressive atmosphere. The music drives the visuals and the synchronisation between the two plays an essential role in the composition. Ofer’s sounds are granular, rhythmic, dramatic and complex, his visuals are sharp black and white minimalist geometric shapes. These particularly contrasted aesthetics build up a tension embodied by Ofer’s charismatic presence on stage.

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Beastly Tears


Ofer Smilansky is an audiovisual artist based in Brussels. His works are driven by his longtime practice of electronic music which they expand and enhance through live immersive shows. His research led him to develop interactive digital tools to create improvised and composed pieces first for live cinema and later for installations and performances. He works especially on the interactions between light and sound to transform the space and hence the experience of the audience.