19th & 20th October


” 6th SENSE is an audio-visual interactive collage combined with Augmented Reality mobile application and handmade analogue drawing-collages. The art project 6th SENSE gives a unique artistic experience where every user has the opportunity to experience not only mixed visuals in real time, but also interact or manipulate with sounds in real time. The whole project passes through many layers of creation and research, while still being involving. The project 6th SENSE consists of 10 artworks divided into three (3) series: gold silver and black-gold analogue drawing-collages. Every series has different animated visual patterns and different possibilities of audio transformation. An animated coded visual gives an impression of entity or energy from the real-world object – the analogue artwork. “

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The independent interdisciplinary artist MOON a.k.a. Martina Zelenika (1978) is visionary artist with a unique artistic expression. Artsist MOON combines the most up-to-date digital technology along with an analogue one to embody spiritual dimension of cosmology, ecophilosophy and geophilosophy. By deconstructing sound and meta-language, the artist tests out modern communication space and in doing so provoke us to dive deeper into our own sense of togetherness and find a blissful serenity of universal unity.

In her work we notice procedures of a new approach in questioning of today’s contemporary society, resulting with art projects such as: “Tab_Letter” (innovative concept with minimalistic musical letters), “New Europe” (a scientific art project – the sounds of mineral stones, interactive audio-visual installation), “Meta-Signal Sonar System” (visualisation of universal sound, sublimation of intuition, analogue drawing and digital tools); “6th SENSE” audio-visual interactive collages (analogue -digital synergy, Augumnted Reality application and analogue drawing collages), “Architecture of the Universe” (a complex photo collages made from many layers, processes and different mediums), etc. Artist MOON is a representative of a new movement of contemporary and new media art scene in Croatia.