From 18th to 20th October
CréaLAB, rue de l’Abattoir, Liège
9.30am to 5pm

Pierre Guilluy & Mathieu Beghin


The Video Mapping workshop will last three days: introduction to Video
Mapping using MadMapper software, learning how to prepare a show or an installation, interactive or permanent installation, with Video Projectors and LEDs-Light control, and really doing it, ending with a vernissage: live performance with DJs where participants will have fun with the setup we built together.
Participants come with their computer and any control surface they have (MIDI, playstation controller, OSC software etc.) Video projectors for the workshop and the show will be provided by
organizers, at least one for each group of two participants.
The workshop is given by two programmers working on MadMapper, miniMAD & Modul8.

Registration: Les Ateliers 04 – +32 (0)4 341 42 08
Reference: BAM181


Day 1: Introduction, practice and technical knowledge
– Presentations
– Introduction to Video Mapping using MadMapper
– Map the object of your choice (within things we brought for you or your brought yourself: objects, 3D prints, scenography elements)
– Video content in detail: different possible sources (video compression, getting the output of other
software, rendering from a video editing software, real-time generators, cameras etc.)
– Driving LED bars, lights, smog machines or other DMX peripherals
– Interactivity using Controls (MIDI, OSC, Live Audio input, DMX, Playstation Controller, Leap Motion etc.)
Day 2: Studying different scenarios and start settings up the show
– Studying different scenarios: permanent installation (with scheduling & automation), interactive installation, programmed show (theatre, dance…), real-time show (concerts, parties…)
– Presentation of MadMapper Cues
– Scheduling events (do this each monday at 9am, do this on january, 1st at 0am etc)
– Programming a Live show
– Set up the scenography for the vernissage and start programming
Day 3: Preparing the show, Performingit & anything participants might want to know about


A computer with OS X 10.9 or later, or Windows 8.1 or later.
Optional: any MIDI, DMX, OSC, or PlayStation 3/4 Controller.


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Matthieu Beghin is the core MadMapper developper. Found of music and computer creation tools, he’s been studying sound, image 2D and 3D analysis, treatment and synthesis using software. He’s been working 15 years in the real-time video software edition as a software developer in many domains (User Interface, Graphic Engine, Video decoding, Architecture, Deployment etc.)
Pierre Guilluy is developping the miniMAD and Modul8. From an early age, he’s been passionate by computers, graphics, music and programming. Active for 15 years in real-time video and audio programming, his solid experience in digital medias naturally made him involved himself in several artistic projects: