19th – 20th October


Lagunas is a fictional & interactive installation, a triptych between memory, death and water. From the Latin ‘lacuna’, the notion of Laguna refers to a natural water reservoir that can have different dimensions, formed either from the mouth of a stream or river, or by the effects of flooding caused by the overflowing of water. In another sense, metaphorical, a lacuna is a memory failure, lack of the intellectual training of a person or the gaps that remain in manuscript by the effect of time, a fungi or other causes.

Note : The lakes and mountain landscapes have been filmed in Colombia, in “Chingaza Natural National Park”, a natural reserve located in the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, in the northeast of Bogota. The elevation of the mountains surrounding the natural glacial lakes ranges from 800 to 4,020 meters.

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Laura Colmenares Guerra is a visual artist interested in the creation of environments that activate the relationship of the participants with their own body, generating mediation between the human body and the way it is perceived. Her work relates to the politics of the body, the matter of body perception and the engagement of the spectator with the art piece.