19th – 20th October

Trame sensible – Liaison Vibratoire

Two structures are facing one another, one of which is analog, and the other being digital. Drawing on one another in order to live together, these structures play on the sound and inner music of silence. Mythology brings into echo the strong ties that singing and weaving maintain together. The loom is seen as a musical instrument made of numerous strings with a sound of silence and a few snaps. Textile walls play with this symbol of sound partition, door and passage, which arouse curiosity. The pace of time, the continuing metronome echoes with the gesture which is repeated perpetually, like a harpist weaving an instant of time. Music today can be digital, made up of numbers, 1, 0, weaving being its forerunner, as if the outlines of a painting were pixelised. The aim is to recreate information, by removing what the eye and the ear cannot perceive. Information has reduced what is inaudible, invisible.

Réalisation: Manu Talbot, Laurent Talbot (du collectif Bots Conspiracy) Antoine Goldschmidt (MagicStreet), Elise Peroi
Création/technique numérique: Manu Talbot
Création/technique sonore: Jeremy Trossat


Elise Peroi is a designer and textile artist based in Brussels. Her work is nourished by various research and readings that invite us to think about the richness of nature in which everything is articulated and echo to form a perfect geometry and harmony. Her creations lead her to different practices (drawing, painting, collages, installations,..) as supports for her textile creations.